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I'M Tokara Henry

Non-Profit Organization Director

Community Stewardship | Marketing Liaison with Values & Vision | Collaborative Leader

PERSONAL PROFILE STATEMENT Non-profit Organization Director with excellent planning and recruitment skills. Highly effective at promoting positive relationships and building capable teams in the non-profit/business sectors. Track record of improving overall operations, reducing overhead, and increasing corporate value. Organized and dependable leader successful at managing multiple priorities with a positive attitude. Collaborative individual with dedication in partnering with community leaders/healthcare professionals to promote/maintain structural stability. Dedicated to applying training, monitoring, and morale-building abilities to enhance employee engagement and boost performance.



Community Outreach | Delegation| Management Philanthropy | Corporate Fundraising | Office Administration| Marketing Communications



Non-profit Organization Director

Sickle Cell Warriors of Wisconsin

▪ Directed management meetings to enhance collaboration and maintain culture based on trust and group problem-solving.

▪ Served as a guest for the first Sickle Cell Telethon to raise awareness of Sickle Cell Disease. ▪ Collaborated with Sickle Cell Foundation of MN at the Sickle Cell Summit 2022 to share and present resources to improve patient outcomes.

▪ Recruited, hired, and trained initial personnel, working to establish key internal functions and outline scope of positions for new organization.

▪ Developed and optimized organizational systems to boost efficiency and keep operations scalable and agile for changing demands.

▪ Coordinated leadership workshops to educate team members on best practices to optimize productivity. ▪ Handled problematic customers and clients to assist lower-level employees and maintain excellent customer service.

▪ Trained new employees on proper protocols and customer service standards. ▪ Promoted positive customer experience through day-to-day supervision and management of Sickle Cell Warriors of Wisconsin.



Community Stewardship: Created & executed programming for Sickle Cell Warriors of Wisconsin 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Collaborative Leader: Attended annual convention for Sickle Cell Disease Association of America (SCDAA) in Baltimore and Atlanta since 2014 to strategize on enhancing community funding efforts. Business Leader: Historic King Drive Business Improvement District Innovative Enterprise Award recipient- August 2021

Our MISSION Invest in assisting patients who are living with Sickle Cell Disease, as well as Sickle Cell Trait, community members, Ro blood donors, and allies of individuals and families living with Sickle Cell Disease. 

Our VISION is that  for the State of Wisconsin  Sickle Cell Disease is added to The National Electronic Disease Surveillance System (NEDSS) Base System (NBS) is a CDC-developed integrated information system that helps local, state, and territorial public health departments manage reportable disease data and send notifiable disease data to CDC, and also to become a member organization to the Sickle Cell Disease Association of America whose headquarters is located in Maryland.

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A great future comes with more knowledge and awareness!

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